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Our Frequently Asked Questions Page will help you learn more about the different varieties of fencing and give you the information you need to choose the right fence for your next project.

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General FAQs

A. There are many different styles of fences. Some of the most popular are:

  • Vinyl fences are relatively new to the fence industry. Vinyl fences come in many of the same styles as wood fence. This product is very easy to maintain.
  • Wood fences come in a variety of styles, such as stockade, flat board, estate, paddock, picket and split rail.
  • Chain link fences can be vinyl coated or galvanized and could have plastic slats inserted for adding privacy.
  • Aluminum and Steel fences can look much like the old wrought iron fences. These fences are often ornamental by design.

A. There are many factors that affect the life of a fence, including local climate, soil conditions, and the materials used, to name a few. You can expect a properly installed fence will last a long time, as long as it is appropriately maintained. Your Anderson Fence professional should be able to help you decide which type of fence serves your needs best.

A. A chain link fence with black or green vinyl fabric and a black frame is generally considered the best solution that will least obstruct your view. Anderson Fence also specializes in custom built kennels.


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