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Our Ornamental Fence Frequently Asked Questions Page will help you learn more about chain link fencing and give you the information you need to choose a chain link fence for your next project.

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Aluminum fence comes in 4 different grades to fit your budget and your needs. Most people are under the illusion that this fencing product is not affordable due to its beauty and "curb appeal." It is in fact very affordable when you weigh the benefits of this product versus other fencing materials. There is no painting, staining, warping, or maintenance necessary. It instantly increases the value of your property and decreases your headaches.

Yes. It is important to match the correct grade and height of the fence with each fencing application. For example the residential grade is suitable for perimeter fence situations such as containment of children and pets, or residential pool settings. We highly recommend the commercial and industrial grade be used for settings which entail security situations.

No, aluminum is easy to repair. The vertical pickets are screwed into the horizontal supporting rails; any damaged pickets can easily be removed and replaced with new pickets. If a horizontal rail is damaged, remove the existing section and pickets, and install the new rail. If a post is damaged, remove the attached sections, then remove the old post and footer. Install a new post and reattach the existing sections.


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